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"This is a beautiful oil that has been perfect to use on my clients before a gua sha ritual. The skin is glowing and nourished and I have several reports that they slept incredibly after using this oil alongside a gua sha treatment. "

CBD Face Oil
Linda Alverez

"I’ve used this for a few weeks now and have fallen in love with it! Definitely calming and soothing - it’s the one product I look forward to putting on my skin at the end of the day as part of my self care sleep preparation ritual. Great for skin that has had too much sun too. Love it! 10/10"

CBD Night Cream
Lilly Morrant

"I used the oil for 2 months and loved the results. It helped with my skin’s sensitivities as it calmed it down whilst plumping it up with nourishment"

CBD Face Oil
Gabriel Turner

"Love this product have used as a nice cream and also as a mask goes on so well and really does rehydrate my skin. Love the texture and so easy to apply."

CBD Night Cream
Stacey O'Moore

"Obssessed with the mint is so fresh and soothing defo need to stock up!"

CBD Lip Balm
Alice Baker

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