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Julie's Story

Our founder Julie set out to start a beauty range to make natural affordable skincare that cares from the inside out. With the philosophy that good skin starts within, she discovered the healing and rejuvenating properties of CBD, wanting to share the befits & help others achieve balance wellness,

AQ/AQ Beauty was born.

Check out our founders journey in her words below:

Clean Botanical design

Wellness is more than a lifestyle its a way of being.

I wanted to find a way to add a little wellness to the everyday and through AQ/AQ beauty I have been able to make this a reality.

I have been on a quest to find products that could not only make my skin beautiful but actually work on the inside.

I have suffered from anxious skin which has caused everything from inflammation to spots and redness. Until I found CBD, this natural extract is derived from the cannabinoid plant and is 100% natural, it has been proven to treat inflammation, depression, anxiety and insomnia, all conditions that not only show in our moods but in our skin.

CBD helps a plethora of conditions, not only ones related to mood but to overall wellness and balance. My skin has never looked so fresh and clear, the calming effects of CBD has made a notable difference that deserves to be shared.

We have worked closely with our chemist to ensure we are not only providing the highest quality CBD but combine it with botanicals that make skin look and feel rejuvenated, Beautiful skin shouldn't cost the earth, just a little time and self-care.

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As a qualified Gua Sha technician Julie understanding and passion for skincare and wellbeing is the driving force behind this incredible collection.

Let us show you how get the best out of your skin with AQ/AQ beauty